I slapped a man's butt in order to teach Evangelism.
Ever tried preaching the Gospel while someone slapped your butt and screamed, "turn the other cheek?" This guy hadn't either. 

This is the second installment of a 6 part video series that tests people's abilities to witness.
Basically, I put on a disguise, find Christians and see how good they preach under pressure. In this blog post, you'll see how people respond to "The Theologian" and "The Button Pusher," and other people you've probably encountered while witnessing.

Video 1: The Theologian
This person probably knows more Bible verses than you do . They want to make you feel stupid, but you're just trying to share the love. What do you do? Look out for crazy doctrines and obscure facts.

Video 2: The Button Pusher
This is where I slapped a man's butt. Button pushers want to see you fail at Christianity. If the Bible says, "don't murder," they want you to--just to see you fail.  

Next Week, I'll post the last two videos.

What kind of people have you encountered while witnessing? Leave a Comment.

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