The Master Cleanse [Day 1]

My friends Philip, Amreitha, Bailey and I bought organic lemons, Grade B Maple Syrup (whatever that is), Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper and distilled water last night in order to begin “The Master Cleanse.”

All this organic stuff is really expensive. Jesse Mutzebaugh responded to this well when he said

"It should not cost that much money to fast."

I’m curious to see if this cleanse is really going to get rid of all the caked up junk inside of me. Curiosity, as it typically is, my primary motivation for this—even above the healthy and spiritual ones.


  • Philip and Started the day with a Salt Water Flush. We drank 1 quart of salt water and it was Hell. For some reason, Philip had no problem whatsoever pounding it down. My gag reflexes went crazy. I vomited some of it. Instead of chugging, I sipped my salt water on my way to 7 a.m. prayer.

  • This Salt Water flush causes your bowels to move rather fast. In prayer this morning, 5 of us had started the master cleanse right before. Most had to ditch the place of corporate prayer (for awhile) and use the restroom (for awhile).

  • The potion we are drinking is filling. I’m surprised to not feel the hunger usually felt in a fast.

  • Besides getting rid of the salt water, I’m not releasing as much as I would like to.

Nothing too exciting happened today. If you’re curious about this process, I’m going to be updating this daily and potentially put some videos up (not in the toilet).