The Master Cleanse [Day 6]

Tomorrow is my last day, though I haven't experienced significant cleansing. I lost a lot of weight and use the last notch on my belt now. Losing weight was not my goal.

My self control, discipline and sensitivity have increased. I am thankful that God allowed me to journey this Master Cleanse. The fasted lifestyle is a blessed lifestyle because it forces us to daily punch our souls in the face and let our spirits lead. As we walk by the spirit, we experience the heart and direction of the Father in intimate ways--just like Adam did as he walked in the cool of the day (the cool of the day can also be translated as wind which can also be translated as spirit).

In my small group, after we watched a teaching from "Becoming Who You Are" by Dutch Sheets (which I highly suggest or his book "Roll Away Your Stone"), I felt like the LORD wanted to bringing healing to the women in our group. So, we began speaking identity and life by saying things like, "You are beautiful and loved" or "You are not failure and you will fulfill your destiny as a daughter of the King." Some of the women began to weep and others meditated on the internal work the Father began inside of them. So powerful. So so powerful. I loved being part of this. I love watching women blossom as the men offered their strength--truly a beautiful demonstration.