The Master Cleanse [Day 5]

Another uneventful cleansing today. Though I'm losing weight, I'm not losing the toxins inside of my colon. This is unfortunate. Unless progress dramatically changes, this cleanse ends Monday night (after 7 complete days of fasting/cleansing). After that, I continue the Daniel fast until March 2nd and my house guys are each ordering a pizza from different companies. For some reason, we've craved all sorts of pizza brands (Papa John's, Louie's, Boriello Brothers, etc.), so we're getting those varieties! I'm totally stoked for that.

An uneventful cleansing day, but still an eventful day. Here are some of those events.

  • I edited some pictures I took yesterday. Some of them turned out like man-engagement pictures. A lot of bro-mance going on, but they like women (picture below)
  • I went to Denver for a gathering of Kingdom leaders in Colorado. It was an encouraging experience to hear what the LORD is doing through out the state. I believe God is going to marry different strategies and the generations in order to bring awakening and reformation on an unprecedented scale. Some of these seasoned leaders are giving young emerging leaders--like--me a voice and are serious about this whole spirit of adoption and unity in the body. I loved it.
  • Went bowling with a group of friends.