RESEARCH [stand up comedy BLOGRMAGE: DAY 3]

Examples help me learn. Once I see something, almost anything, I feel like I can do it with a little time. So, today I searched through stand up videos. I started by looking through some older stand up by Bryan Regan, and then went through the Last Coming Standing finales material.

Even viewing this material with the intention of copying it gives me greater confidence. My strategy involves dissecting their introduction, body movements and style for making people laugh.
Before I can get into all of that, however, I need to pick a subject. Something that has popped into my mind a couple times tonight is writing a 5 minute routine about people in Minnesota thinking I’m a terrorist and then wanting to “act like a terrorist.” Others of you have suggested that I write something about the Master Cleanse, which would also be and was hilarious.
I have a family gathering tomorrow, so I should write a little bit before that and present to them (while filming it of course).
Most importantly I want to write and perform stuff that is funny to me while being me. It’s encouraging for people to tell me that I’m funny—hopefully it translates to the stage.
What are some comics you’d suggest I research?
My roommate scolded me for not recycling, and I told him, "Jeeva's don't recycle." He mentioned this to my sister, and yelled at me saying that Jeeva's do recycle. Within one minute of that, I changed the intro of the recycling wikipedia to say "Jeeva's don't recycle." I love technology!