Family Performance [stand up comedy BLOGRMAGE: DAY 4]

At 6PM today, spring break began for me! Now, I can focus on the projects--including comedy--that I've wanted to do. For the comedy project, I began "free writing" comedy pieces. Within five minutes I write down as many stories, jokes and thoughts as I can. This practice  has not caused a lot of fear or restriction.

The fear and restriction come from performance.

The unnatural sterility of delivering jokes comes every time I try to do stand up. This comedy gig is going to take a lot of work. I've been thinking of jokes all days. Ultimately I will have to get my performance down or I am going to get heckled or booed off the stage.

Performing in front of my family felt awkward, but the practice and criticism I receive is helpful. Because I don't have anything memorized, I read a lot of my skit. I talk too long in the setups and make everyone feel sad--not joyful. This is definitely not the goal.

You can see this in the video posted above. The second part of the video includes a second round of presenting the same material again. I pretty much sucked both times. I need to make progress!

I personally like the second take because my family suggested I try laughing to myself during the jokes--so that's what I did.