Not all comedians are funny.

Feeling more confident after attending an open mike night for the first time. I went back to the ACME COMEDY CO (one of the top 5 comedy clubs in America) and watched more than 20 amateur comedians.

This BLOGRIMAGE opened my eyes to a whole sub culture that I am very familiar with. Though I'm not sure what other venues are like, this club is very inviting. A few comedians bombed sets and the audience didn't heckle or insult the act. Actually, the audience was very forgiving and let the people try until some of the jokes came through--the audience wanted to laugh.

Not everyone was very funny. You can easily tell the polished people from the rookies. Stuttering over words, forgetting lines, making horrible jokes are all indicators of bad comedians. This night also help me to indicate something.

I can do this.

Next week, I'm signing up for the Monday night open mike. Newbies only get 3 minutes to perform and may not get stage time at all. Either way, I'm going to have material ready to go. Even if I suck, I feel like this can be a good experience. If I do my homework, practice and get some local feedback, there's no reason I should bomb the set.

Some of my observations from the night:

-Be confident
-One liners are great for building momentum or changing subjects
-Jokes need to be concise
-When the audience doesn't relate or understand, the humor is lost
-Jokes don't have to be in order. Changing subjects rapidly works
-Start and end strong. The middle can be paced a little more slow
-Body language really emphasizes
-Don't be annoying
-Build on laughter. Don't wait for the crowd to stop laughing
-Forgetting a line isn't the end of a set. Move on
-Some people look like they are going to be funny

Hope you enjoy the video above. Do you think she was one of the funny or unfunny comedians?