FIRST VOICE LESSON [Singing Blogrimage Day 3/30]

Had my first voice lesson with Jen McClure! She's a bright, bubbly and informed lady. Think of the stereotypical happy choir instructor. She is that times two. I'm really happy she's my coach during this 30 days.

Not only does she have an incredible upbeat attitude, she knows her stuff. I asked Amreitha to join our first session for quality control and to make sure she wasn't a creeper. She wasn't a creeper!

She did the following things for our first lesson:

  • Tested my range (I have a 3 octave range. She was impressed with this!)
  • Worked on my posture (She rolled my hips for me and told me not to thrust)
  • Tested my pitch (She said it was excellent!)

I liked the lesson and feel like I will improve.

Her words and assessment encouraged me (pitch and range), but I feel like she knows how I can grow.

On another note, I'm stoked that Allan Theobald came to visit! He's one of the white tshirts in the background of the video.

Also, I'm stoked that I preached my first sermon in Ignited tonight. 17 people gave their lives to Jesus! It was awesome.

I'm encouraged for all of these things!