1ST BAND PRACTICE [Singing Blogrimage Day 9/30]


  • First Band Practice

I am the lead singer of a band in Michigan. Tonight, we had our first practice and hashed through two original songs. These musicians are really good, and I'm excited to work with them. I think they are going to help me sound better than I normally would or could.
It's very vulnerable to sing without an instrument and with guys are talented. 
In the beginning of practice, I apologized to the guys for my bad voice. Then, I said that would be the last time I ever do that with a group. Apologizing or making excuses the whole time would not be productive and it's kind of a demoralizer. So, I got that out of my system.
It's also strange singing someone else's song in front of them while they can sing it better. 
Love that I'm doing this challenge!

This is our first original song. Andrew Jennings wrote it. It's a blues/pop/rock song. I'm still learning the melody that is based on a pentatonic scale. I think the band has potential.