Tongue Scrapers Eliminate Bad Breath [Practical Stuff #1]



To my wife’s joy, the tongue scraper I bought two months ago helped my breath smell better. I’m a preacher, so I try to impact people with my words. Unfortunately,  my jokes, and content did not deliver the strongest impression—my breath did.

I knew my breath was bad, but nothing I tried really worked to prevent it:

·      Brushing

·      Flossing

·      Not having an empty stomach

·      Mouthwash

The Wife Test

So I tried a tongue scraper, and my wife, who has no problem telling me when my breath is bad, said it worked wonders. I asked her to give me a quote concerning this difference.

“I can’t even smell your breath anymore!”

That’s all the proof you need, folks. Nobody is more aware of my breath than my wife (we kiss).

What is a Tongue Scraper?

This is the tongue scraper I use,

This is the tongue scraper I use,


Basically, a dirty tongue contributes to 90% of bad breath. That’s why my traditional attempts (brushing, flossing, etc.) did not work. This tool scrapes the bad breath content off of your tongue.

All you do is scrape the white stuff off your tongue. Simple.

Smell it, and you’ll most likely agree your bad odors come from the white gunk.

If you’re a preacher, or someone regularly holding a conversation, get a tongue scraper. It’s less than $5 and makes a huge difference! You’ll see that people will talk to you a lot more than they used to.