40 Evangelists Working Together

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My friend Matt Brown asked me to regularly write for Emerging Evangelists, a collection of 40 evangelists from different denominations all over the world last year!

It's been great to partner with him in this, and join with ministers of many styles. I love that God is helping the Church unify for greater power. I love being part of this group.

Here is a list of the blogs I've written for the site. They are all specifically about Evangelism. 

  1. 7 Reasons Why You shouldn't Tell People about Jesus
  2. People Don't Know Jesus Because You are Stingy
  3. Your Witnessing Isn't Good Enough
  4. This Could Explain Your Lack of Miracles
  5. 6 Reasons Why People Don't Like Christians
  6. My #1 Way to See People Give Their lives to Jesus 
  7. I Won a Lifted-Truck and More!

Read these and let them encourage you to share what you know!