Pranking My Sister [BOOK BLOGRIMAGE DAY 3/30]


Greetings. Today, I am posting this at 2am because I attended a conference and revisited my College, Oral Roberts University all day. I haven't been here for many years and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from a conference and reflect sentimentally on the memories of schooling.

Here is today's excerpt:

I looked up to my sister a lot. She had good looks, attractive friends and popularity--she won the Homecoming Queen position at the largest high school in Minnesota. Being her little brother, and not being socially received as well, I loved pranking her. Something about seeing her struggle and suffer because of my intelligence, cunning and preparation developed great joy in my heart. One evening, while she put the final touches on her mascara before a big school dance, I decided to prank her with a trick I saw on America’s Home Videos. She walked down the stairs, draped in a beautiful silver dress and curled hair that’d soon hold the Coon Rapids Home Coming Queen crown. With only 5 minutes until her date rang our doorbell, I asked Akka, my sister, “While you’re by the sink, can turn the water on, so it warms up?” She had no reason to suspect what happened next. She probably thought I wanted to wash the dishes, though that is unlikely since I never washed anything. But she walked towards to the faucet anyways. The moment she lifted the faucet handle, a rushing stream of water from the dish sprayer soaked my sister’s Homecoming Dress. Five minutes earlier, as she finalized that mascara, I wrapped a rubber band around the handle that enables the dish sprayer to powerfully project water in synch with the faucet. She never saw it coming. I laughed, but she didn’t, which is still the dynamic we have today in most situations.

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