Final Post [Book Writing Blogrimage 30/30]


This is my final post for this Blogrimage! By far, writing a book is the hardest 30 day challenge I've ever done. Being the first time I've ever modified my challenge mid-quest, I have to say this was difficult.

I'm not done writing my book, and I will continue to compose. I feel like writing consistently like this has helped me a lot. Thanks for following along, and pray for my journey. I hope my book impacts lots of lives!

Final Excerpt:

God changed my life. The man I am today is not possible. From the start of my life, I walked down a certain path leading to depression, suicidal thoughts, violence, apathy and discontentment. That is not the path I walk today. I’m not saying that I am a great person or walking down a noble path. My life is still full of mistakes and wrong decisions. The direction of my love, however, is completely different. Each day, I find myself growing, encountering greater love and passion, and hope. Each day I walk with purpose and wholeness—peace that God is for me and working things out. More than anything, I walk confidently knowing that I am son of my Father—the God of Heaven and Earth. It’s wonderful and so much different than the pain, loneliness and rejection I felt not too long ago.