Supporting my Missionary Wife in Cambodia

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These past two weeks were spent supporting my wife’s calling in life. She is a missionary, working on an active Minefield in Cambodia. This isn’t a job for those weak in heart. Only fireballs like my wife, with the Spirit of God, could ever work in the environment she works in (thank your all your prayers concerning the Amoeba she just overcame).

People ask me all the time, especially in this first year of marriage, “how can you let your wife go halfway around the world and minister in such a dangerous environment?” I wish these people could see what I see.

Stepping onto the minefield village she is giving her life for, I had mothers hand me children and say things like, “This child should have been dead, but Amreitha and Lightbridge International came.”

I saw a fully constructed school fully operated by Christian Cambodian teachers and Principal. The impressive thing about this is that 3 years ago, the people in this minefield village had never seen a pencil and didn’t know the LORD. How could I not send my wife overseas when so many lives are being changed?

I also saw huge blue tanks that hold the first clean water in this area. Consider that over 70% of the deaths in Cambodia are due to water born illnesses.

I saw a self-sufficient busineses emerge and run by Cambodian women, so they didn’t have to prostitute themselves to provide for families. The Lightbridge team is making this business a success.

As I write this, Amreitha is hosting the first ever town hall meetings and facilitating a conversation where the Cambodians of the village can identify problems for themselves and develop viable solutions.

I am so proud of my wife. She is taking care of the orphan and the poor. It is my great pleasure to send her and support her as she fulfills her destiny. How could I not let her pursue her calling?

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