I hate This [Soylent Blogrimage 1/30]

The 2014 Blogrimage begins today! After participating in Jumping Rope, Stand Up Comedy, and Book Writing challenges, this challenge is the one I dread the most. I hate it already.

For 30 days I will only eat Soylent as my food source. Basically, Soylent exists as a future food. Remember how the Jetsons ate all their food in the form of a pill? Or Remember how the people in The Matrix ate that goopy soup containing all their necessary nutrients? Soylent represents this life after food. It is a minimalistic substance containing all the nutrients a human needs to optimally function.

I remember surviving off of instant Ramen noodles as food with very limited nutritional value. Soylent offers a cheap alternative packed with all the nutrients one needs. Imagine the possibilities. Ending world hunger? Ending the nutritional deficiency most of us have? If you want to know more, watch this documentary.

Today, I made my first batch, and it is horrible. I mean the texture, the flavor, the aroma, all literally made me vomit in my mouth. The thing is, I didn’t realize I vomited because the consistency is the same as Soylent. I don’t know how I’m going to eat this for every meal over the next 30 days.

Here are some pictures of my setup.

Notice the last picture in the gallery. It is the lunch prepared at a class I took this morning. Delicious roast beef. Denying that great meal is my first success of discipline. Tommorrow, I’ll talk about gathering all my ingredients and how it made me feel like Walter White and Jesse from Breaking Bad.