I almost "Soylent" my pants with my Hipster Grandpa in Law [Soylent Blogrimage 13/30]

At restaurants I tell the server I don't need any food. Perhaps the employee thinks I'm cheap. Perhaps they assume I'm living off of pure nutrients in the form of Soylent these 30 days. Who knows?

In a week or so, I am being ordained at the church I work at. My family is coming into town to celebrate this occasion. We'll have great food and fellowship. I will not eat with them. This is my dedication to this challenge. I hope they aren't offended. 

The people from LIGHTBRIDGE thought it would be pretty funny to use Soylent as a pun. They held back laughs as they chuckled, "Hey Pradeepan, did you Soylent your pants?  You know, like soil your pants?" I loved how much they enjoyed saying those words. 

Today, also, Amreitha's father and grandpa drove up from Kansas. I love her grandpa Melvin. He was born Amish and then became Mennonite. He is in his 90s and still works carpentry projects and has a lot of energy. We joked about milking camels today. He dresses like a hipster. I like it. 


  • Really want a burger
  • Energy is great
  • Clarity is great
  • Down another pound
  • Breath  not as bad