Contrast [Soylent Blogrimage 12/30]

This journey has lasted an eternity. 12 days doesn't seem that long on paper. 12 days of vacation? Easy. 12 days of great weather? Not long enough.

12 days without food? Ermergerd. 

The reason I don't know anybody who has done the 30 day Soylent challenge in real life is because this is very difficult. It's a strange dynamic, though.

Eating Soylent helps me feel better between meals than I did with real food. I have more energy, my mind is clear, and my body feels lighter. However, this challenge is most difficult during meal times when lots of people are eating wonderful burgers, delicious tacos, tasty....what am I talking about? Oh, the hardest times are during meals, but everything else feels great.

In times of not eating Soylent, I love food. I'm always finding new experiences and have regular hidden spots where I get incredible meals. In between meals, however, I often feel horrible. Lower energy, sluggish from carbs, crashing after sugar highs, etc. 

In the future, I hope to balance these dynamics. 


  • Longing for real food
  • Saving a lot of dining out money
  • Breath still bad
  • Smelling like Soylent
  • Varying between hating the tasting and loving the taste