Got Ordained, Family Came into Town, We partied, I did not Eat [Soylent 23/30]

Cornerstone Church ordained me as a pastor today. My family traveled from California, Kansas, Indiana and Minnesota to celebrate the occasion. After traveling all that way to celebrate me, I did not eat any food with them. We went to my favorite restaurant in Michigan, had a party, I did not eat. This is a bummer. I'm used to it. Something that helps me deal with the bummer feeling is that it will be a great story. 

Forever, I will think fondly on my Cornerstone Church ordination and remember that I had not eaten for 23 days. I can already see my grandchildren smiling and weeping with pride. 

So glad my family came into town on this special occasion! Of course, they wanted to try Soylent and they all hated it. Not surprising. 


  • Bummed I couldn't eat at the Party
  • Glad I stuck to the challenge
  • Lost 9 Pounds total
  • Clear Mind
  • Great Energy