The Last Monday [Soylent Blogrimage 24/30]

Nate's horrible attempt at making Soylent with Coffee and Pop.

Today is the last Monday of this challenge. Next week, at this time, I will enjoy a tasty something. Not sure what the first meal will be. A Hamburger? Pizza? Curry? Dessert? All of these are viable options. 

My desire to eat Soylent is diminishing. The less I eat, the worse I feel. My brain clarity, mood and energy fall quite a bit when I eat little amounts of Soylent. I've got to eat more and I'll feel better. The taste and the monotony reduces my will though. I have to avoid just coasting in the end. Gonna step up my Soylent game with baked Soylent treats this week. It definitely gives me something to look forward to. 

Other than that, the hope of eating fuels me. 

Also, I think I'll keep Soylent as a breakfast replacement after this challenge. 


  • Slight Headache
  • Low Energy
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Counting the days