I like Difficult Challenges [Soylent Blogrimage 25/30]

People are consistently shocked I am not eating real food. Today, I'd often say "I haven't eaten in 25 days," and most people never considered this possible. 

I know several people who have done 40 day water fasts and I've done several extended only water fasts as well. Christians are funny people. It's the only circle I know where it's not shocking people go without food. Before I became a Christian, I was told it was impossible to go 40 days without food. Now, I see it all the time. 

Eating Soylent is definitely easier than not eating. In fact, many times I struggle eating all of the daily portions. It's a lot of food. I'm glad I'm part of a community that can go long periods of time without food. I like that I like challenges. Food is something we need, but sometimes we can do without it. The hunger for food dictates so many of our life decisions. Every once in a while, through not eating, it's nice to tell our bodies who really is in charge. 



  • Wanting to Sleep Longer
  • Wanting to  Eat Less
  • Energy high during the day