Down 10 pounds, feeling good and don't want to stop [Soylent Blogrimage 29/30]


 Tomorrow is my last full day of the Soylent Blogrimage. As excited as I am to eat delicious items, I am not looking forward to losing how I feel now. Currently, my mind is clear, body is light, and energy consistently solid through out the day. When I eat normal food, I crash, often feel sluggish and my mind isn't as sharp. 

Eating nutritionally dense meals are the way to go. Our culture is addicted to food. We often live to eat instead of eating to live. Now, I feel weaned off of food and I'm hesitant to start something I know is bad for me and makes me feel bad. Everyday on this journey I'm confident I'm getting all the nutrients I need--nothing less and nothing extra. 

Not only will I probably eat things not the best for my health, I'll have use brain energy to make eating possible. I'll have to choose what I eat. Prepare what I eat. Pay for what I eat. Those are all big time and resource consuming tasks requiring a lot of energy and thought. For the last 29 days I haven't thought about those things at all. 

Yes, it's been a lot of disciplined will power to get through these past days. The thing is, my will power was focused. I knew exactly what my choices were. This process has been black and white. It was either Eat Soylent or not Soylent. Now, in order to eat healthy with regularly accessed food, I'll have to research labels, histories and nutritional value to eat with the same confidence I've had. 

Still not sure what I'll on Monday. Kind of weirded out that I'm hesitant to eat. 



  • Headache
  • Little appetite
  • Looking forward to eating, but also not looking forward to eating
  • Not sure how I will break this Soylent Journey
  • Almost down 11 pounds