I've Gone 30 Days without Food and Tomorrow I Eat! [Soylent Blogrimage 30/30]

Everybody eating Curry without me for the last time!

Everybody eating Curry without me for the last time!

A couple years ago, I completed an extended fast (eating no food and only drinking water), and ended it abruptly. Unfortunately, I ate spicy food and woke up in the night with full itchy hives all over my body. Apparently my body did not have the enzymes to handle this food and responded in the only way it knew how. 

I'm afraid this is going to happen again. This this fear isn't completely stopping me from having a glorious meal to end the Soylent Blogrimage. 

I love extreme contrast.

Meals always taste better when you haven't eaten in a long time. Think about camping. Don't those meals always taste the best? It's because you don't have access to regular luxuries. When my wife comes home from a long trip, it's extremely exciting to see her. Longing and contrast heighten the emotions of a moment. 

I don't want to ease into eating. The law of contrast will lose it's power if I break the Soylent journey with broth or tomato soup. 

With all these thoughts, I'm not sure what I'm eating tomorrow.

These last 30 days have been difficult, but I've learned a lot about my body, discipline and what nutritionally dense food offers. Hopefully, something like Soylent can be used to end world hunger. 

On this substance, my mind felt clear, energy levels sustainably high, body felt light, and I'm finding myself hesitant to eat regular food. I will eat regular food, but plan on including Soylent in my breakfast. This way I can feel confident about getting the nutrients I need. 

Thanks for following my journey. Mission accomplished! 

Tomorrow I will post about what I broke this journey with!


  • Not as excited as I should be
  • Hesitant about Eating
  • Looking forward to a great meal!
  • Scared about getting sick