First Party [BabyDaddy Day 12]

I love parties, and Obadiah should too--he was born on a Friday. Amreitha and I went to a birthday party for the first time with Obi today.

Growing up, my family hosted Sri Lankan parties all the time. These parties always included grandparents, parents, young adults, teenagers, children and little babies. We hung out for hours with no agenda, no games, no plan and it usually ended up in a sleepover. All we did was talk around a coffee table. Kids ran around, babies cried and nobody minded. 

This isn't the culture for most parties I go to now and days. People get babysitters. People don't want to bother others with their crying kids. 

Obadiah got a little fussy and cried some. It's a new dynamic juggling conversations, passing around my child, and making sure he's not giving anyone trouble. Overall though, I loved having him at the party. I don't want us to be isolated because we have a kid and we are in a different season of life. Plus, I want people to have a relationship with Obi. I'm a little afraid people will stop inviting us to hang out because of the child inconvenience--I wouldn't blame them. 

Until people outright start asking us not to bring him, I'm planning on partying with Obi.