Picking on my Wife [BabyDaddy Day 15]

Amreitha and I for years have had a consistent fight in our marriage. In my words, our biggest fight is due to me playing with her too much and experiencing great joy in her company. In her words, our biggest fight is because I constantly pick on her and don't know when to stop. 

Trapping her with a blanket, poking her muscles, and making strange noises closely in her ears makes up most of my love language. I can literally pick on her for hours and love every moment of it. Tears, strong words, and great annoyance often develops from these situations but I press on and keeping doing it.  Our greatest fights consistently come from my greatest joys.

I do this with my dad too. Whenever I see him after a long time, I jump on him and bite him right in the middle of his back. My dad keeps threatening me he's going to teach Obadiah to do the same to me. 

We were told by a couple, who have the same dynamic of picking we do, that when kids enter the picture, picking attention is diverted to the children. I've found this to be true. Amreitha is so relieved.

I love picking on Obadiah. 

When he screams, I sequentially cover his mouth to make great beat boxing beats. 

When's he's lying down, I shake his arms really fast and make him punch himself. 

When he cries, I cry louder and confuse him. 

I love kissing him until he cries. Plus, in keeping with tradition, I've bit him in the back. Don't worry--I never hurt him. 

These things give me great joy, and have really diverted picking attention away from Amreitha. She's very thankful. She should enjoy it while it lasts because once he graduates high school, I'm trapping her in a blanket again. 

Any suggestions on fun ways to annoy my son?