Embarrassed of my Son [BabyDaddy Day 19]

Amreitha and I loved going out to eat. 

I mean to say, Amreitha and I used to love going out to eat. 

Now, instead of enjoying the luxury of indecisively scanning a menu, people watching, and dismissing the guilt of eating out too much, we spend our time preventing Obi from crying. From trying to figure out how to turn a high chair upside down for a car seat (still has never worked because the high chairs are imbalanced) to cleaning the spit up on his face, it's a lot of work. 

While our servers serve us, we serve him (and pay money to do it).

I hate it when he cries in a semi-quiet public environment and people's meals and stranger's conversations are interrupted. I get really embarrassed and look for a bathroom and a quick get away plan.

Sometimes I just pretend not to be related to that hair brown baby sitting next to me (never works for some reason). 

 In reality, I don't think the strangers are as upset and annoyed as me. Yesterday, after Obi cried in a restaurant, a couple made a point to congratulate Amreitha and me on the newborn baby. 

From my experience, people are excited to see a baby and aren't as sensitive as I am to his little noises. Still, we're a lot less likely to eat out. 

At least we're saving money eating a home. 

What's the most embarrassing thing your child has done in a restaurant?