Death to Minimalism [BabyDaddy Day 20]

Recently I read a book about minimalism and purged 60% of all my clothing and household items. This minimalistic mindset saves me lots of money, eliminates clutter, and prevents me from suffering decision fatigue (deciding what clothes I have to wear, etc.).   

As soon as I made room for my minimalistic de-cluttered lifestyle, baby preparation started filling it back up. He's taken over my closet, man cave and car. 

This kid is 5 weeks old and owns more stuff than me. From baby showers to friends and family wanting to spoil Obi, this 5 week old human is living the materialistic dream.

It doesn't help either that he looks so cute in everything. Today, we dedicated him to God in front of our church, and I refused to put him on stage without some formal clothing. Yesterday, I rallied a group to drive 60 minutes round trip to find him a onesie with a bow-tie. 

Just around the time I feel guilty for buying him an outfit he'll outgrow in two weeks, I'm inspired by his cuteness and buy him a few more outfits for the next week. 

I can't go into Target without wondering if their is another cute sleepsack or baby contraption I haven't discovered yet. 

With each purchase, my minimalism dream dies a little more and my decision fatigue grows. 

Just what I need, another form of fatigue.