It's like the first time [BabyDaddy Day 22]

Mundane experiences are exciting because I'm seeing them through Obadiah's eyes and I'm afraid of accidentally killing him. 

Going anywhere with Obi is an adrenaline inducing event. Last week, I drove to the Flint airport to pick up my dad and nearly had a panic attack--I ended up leaving the airport without my dad, headed home and had to go back to get him two hours later. 

Walking to the end of my driveway, two weeks ago, with my baby, scared me. I was so high strung, I almost fought a grandpa jogging on the road for no reason (she had no idea). 

I'm on high alert doing normal boring things.

Beyond the danger, things that lost their excitement are interesting again. Watching Obi touch water reminds me of my first experiences with it. Listening to my dad make fart noises around Obi isn't boring or annoying. Walking through the woods, Obi twists his neck back and forth to take it all in and it makes me take everything in. 

There are so many experiences I want to give Obi because I get to see his beautiful wonder. I get to experience the world again as a father. I get to relive life through his eyes. 

This is awesome. The world is amazing. Thanks, Obi.