The Love of the Father [BabyDaddy Day 30]

"So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him." -Jesus

With Obi in my life, I feel like I understand our Heavenly Father's love so much more. Obi can poop his socks, scream for hours, and one smile is all it takes for me to forget all of it. I don't desire anything bad for him. I want only good things for him. How much more, indeed, does our Heavenly Father want good things for us. 

Anything he does, fascinates me. I long for a deep relationship with him. I long for a friendship with him where we communicate with words instead of cries. I long to share all my joys and passions with him. I long to change the world with him. 

My greatest joy will be seeing him experience great joy. We have so many misconceptions concerning our Heavenly Father. He's angry. He's ready to pour out His wrath at a moment's notice. I'm so glad Jesus taught us to address our God in Heaven as Father. What I'm feeling raised to the level of God can be nothing less than extravagant, graceful beautiful love. However,  I realize my feelings for Obi are nothing compared to God's feelings for us--for you. 

I understand a little more why God has every hair on our heads counted. I understand a little more why God lavishes us with amazing gifts. These are things I want to do for Obadiah--it's just part of being a father. 

This child is a gift if only for the chance to see another perspective of the love of God, my Father. 

My feelings for Obi breed so much security in me that God loves us more than we realize. 

- Pradeepan

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