Time Flies [BabyDaddy Day 5]

"Before you know it, your child will be grown. Enjoy every moment and savor all you can."

This phrase is something I hear almost everyday now. However, time is not flying. 

At night, when Obadiah has fussed and cried for over an hour and it seems like it takes forever for the bottle to warm up under hot water, time is definitely not flying. Time isn't even crawling. 

Time stands still when Obadiah falls asleep at the bottle and you know he's going to wake up in 15 minutes because he didn't get enough to eat. All I want is him to eat enough to fall in to food coma, but I know that's not going to happen. 

Obadiah is a day over three weeks old, and these days feel like the longest I've ever experienced. At the same moment, I'm wondering how it's already been three weeks.

Next week my little baby will be one month old! 

Time sure flies, doesn't it?