He's Really Small [BabyDaddy Day 7]


Obadiah is really small. 

When parents meet him, they say, "I forgot how small my kid used to be."

Amreitha is 4 foot 10. Our child is in the top 10% for height. He's probably going to be super tall for a Sri Lankan, like 6 foot 3 inches. Not sure where he gets this height.

He's so small I can carry him with one hand. He's so small I can palm his whole head. He's so small that I'm afraid he's going to choke to death on some of the longer pieces of clothing we bought for him. 

Even though he's small, he's in the top 10% for height. 

I have an easier time imagining him as a 5 year old human than a giant 10 month old baby. Have you seen those things? They are huge. 

I like him small. 

Anything I can do to capitalize on how small he is?