Do you really need that much Money? [500k Day 14]

We're raising $500,000 to support planting Kalos Church over the next three years. In order to do that, we're asking people 300 people to give $30/month. If you haven't signed up to do that, please do so here: :)

Upon hearing this number, some people are subtle and others not so subtle in their discomfort.

"Why do you need that much money?"

"Isn't that a bit much?"


While this does seem like a lot of money, this a modest proposal. Before jumping to conclusions, consider our ministry context. One church planter, I recently became friends with, rented a movie theatre for $10,000/month. Because of the ever growing expensive real estate prices in Bellevue, this was actually a steal. He only got this deal because he knew the owner of this independent movie theatre. With 12 months in a year, he paid $120,000 for rent alone. Over 3 years, like what we're allotting our fundraising goal for, that is $360,000. Now, the movie theatre doesn't have all the equipment to setup for a service, so all that needs to be purchased. Audio Visual production equipment, trailer, and vehicle alone will cost around $100,000 if you design them for a portable service. That brings our budget to $460,000. None of this considers other ministry supplies, operation expenses, and salaries. For all these other things, with a $500,000 budget, there is only $40,000 left for all of it. That means only $13,000/year for salaries, operations, signs, graphic design, marketing, food, children's ministry, etc. 

$500,000 is a lot of money, but when you're planting in the city where Microsoft, T-Mobile, Nintendo, Expedia and other major companies are headquartered, you'll need all of that and more.