Half-Way There! [500k Day 15]

It's March 15th, the day after Pi day! That means two things: 1. We're half-way done with the Blograimge 2. Amreitha and I two different pies yesterday :)

Thought, we're halfway through the Blogrimage, I can't say we're half-way there in fundraising. We still have a long ways to go, but we're feeling positive that we'll eventually get there. 

Today, a couple of local church planting networks reached out to me and said they are interested in helping us out. That's could be an exciting win in the future. 

But we have an exciting win for today!

Another network said we were approved to be part of their team! That means, as we continue to go through their process, we get $50,000 to plant Kalos Church! Praise the LORD!

We're working hard, and we're seeing fruit along the journey!