You are my Brother [500k Day 6]

Technically, I asked over 800 people to give today. Most of those were through networks (facebook groups) I'm part of. After writing a personal request to someone for support, however, I got a response that moved me. 

"Yes of course I will support you. I don't have to pray about it. You are my brother."

More often then not, a request for support to plant a church is met with silence. Rarely, people will directly say no to me. Even more rare, and a huge source of strength, is when someone comes out with overwhelming support. 

Another person wrote, "You know I don't mind you asking any of that. We love you guys."

Thank you for all that take the time to respond. Thank you for all who are encouraging us in this wild adventure. It really means a lot. It infuses me with energy to keep going. There are many challenges on this journey, so we savor all words of life. We are a church that exists to make known the beauty of Jesus. In this process, I feel like these sacrifices people make to support us reinforce this focus on beauty. Sacrificial giving and support truly is beautiful.