First Haircut! [Autism + Nala 11/30]

Snip Snip and lock after curly lock hit the ground. What a sad day! After living three years, Obi received his first hair cut! Though it was tough to see the hair (and tons of cool factor) leave, he still looks very handsome to me.

The stylist (Christina from Kidz Cutz!) has experience working with kids on the Autism spectrum and it made a huge difference. She moved fast, methodically and knew how create the right environment for a relaxed experience. From looking for a stylist, to selecting a restaurant, we have to especially consider the environment for Obi.

Amreitha planned this cut the day before Nala is born so that we wouldn’t go crazy while waiting! I’m glad she did. I even got a haircut! Well, tomorrow the world gets to meet Nala! I can’t wait!