Paternity Leave [Autism + Nala 10/30]


Today, I preached my last sermon before Nala (my unborn daughter) comes! As far as pastoral work, this was my last assignment before solely focusing on Nala’s birth. The Kalos Church Lead Team arranged many contingency plans in case Nala came early—guest speakers, emcees and so much more! I’m happy to say we didn’t have to use any of them.

We started Kalos Church 1.5 years ago and next week is the first time Amreitha and I are taking a Sunday off together! I’m not super proud of that (as far a sustainable work/life balance), but I’m kind of proud of that (as far as being rooted in a community). As we’ve grown in attendance, we’ve also grown in amazing leadership. The church is in great hands. The fact is, this church has always been more about Jesus than the Jeevas.

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is our last full day without Nala!