Sri Lanka #2 (Ministry Details)

Sri Lankan Ministry Details (this far).
Last Sunday, as my mother slept, My step-dad Timothy and I decided to find an AG church. Well, we found and the pastor even rode down in his motorcycle to guide us. It wasn't connecting with that pastor though, for a monkey had chewed through the hotel phone line. It didn't matter though. I was just happy to get away from the Hindu worship music that had been playing through out the night.
Hindu music at night drains your spirit somehow.
When we arrived at the church, the pastor asked us if we were pastors, and we said yes. Then, he insisted that we take the whole service, so we did, and God was shown strong in our weakness. People were healed, restored, rescued, and converted.
We prayed for about 50 people, and they were all falling down, but the men wouldn't let them fall. They made sure they recieved the entirety of the prayer. (I've always joked that in my ministry people won't fall down under the annointing, rather they will keep standing after I drop kick them in the Spirit, or something.)
Peoples legs were lengthened, backs, stomaches....all healed.
The pastor asked me to travel with him from church to church, and God willing, we'll see the same results. I gotta go.