50% CHILDREN ATTACK [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 15]

50% BLOGRIMAGE complete!

15 days down and 15 days to go. Like most worthwhile scenarios, it's hard to believe how fast this BLOGRIMAGE has passed.

As you can view in the videos, I celebrated by attacking children. Just out of curiosity, how many children do you think I could defeat with my jump rope (you determine the conditions and rules)?

More than anything, this blog pilgrimage is going to help a lot of us realize that our potential is accessible. For 30 days we refused to sell ourselves short of short-term goals. That is, our lives are now dictated by what we can accomplish in 30 days or 30 years. Pure discipline drags us into great things. A gift stewarded properly could put anyone in front of kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers or even Symon Cowell.

To be honest, I'm already thinking of more Blogrimages. Some for 10 days. Some only posted once a week. If I can make time for jumping rope, why not have time to record songs, take voice lessons, build a guitar, learn how to make websites, create a stand up comedy routine, write a book, etc. The world is limitless with opportunity to those who wish to make the most of it.

If you would, please comment with tons of suggestions for future BLOGRIMAGES.



1. 1300 revolutions
2. 70 jumps on one foot (work challenge)
3. A few double unders
4. 3 children injured by rope