LIVELY LEVITICUS [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 16]

Just got back from leading a Bible study that landed on a lively conversation concerning Leviticus--what are the odds?

Since I've been in Korea, almost every Tuesday night has been Bible study. This study is really low key and more of a conversation around certain Scripture passages. One person shares a testimony, we read the Scriptures and talk about it, each person shedding a little more light. Then, the study wraps up with 2 on 2 prayer. Booya. The whole night is unassuming and I like it that way.

The Blogrimage is the same way. Come and join. Pick your subject, write at your own discretion and don't worry if you miss a day. People are joining with no real pressure appeals. More and more, I see the ministry of acceptance is the best way to preach holiness or Blogrimageness. More principles are caught than taught.

Since this journey started, several people contacted me publicly and privately about picking up jumping rope themselves. I love pressuring people into doing stuff, specifically with a mob or mog mentality, but I haven't done that with jumping rope. Still, jumping is increasing by "leaps and bounds." Just by living the life, I get questions and others who tell me they commit to the rope. More principles are caught than taught.


1. What Blogrimage challenges do you have for me?
2. What lessons have you caught?
3. What's your favorite part of Leviticus?

1. 1500 revolutions
2. Started eating yogurt
3. Failed jumping first thing in the morning
4. Wore the knee brace