The BLOGRIMAGE begins Monday

Some people are building successful businesses, other are seeking to cure diseases or become a voice of justice for the unheard. My quest, however, is not so noble.

My quest is Jumping Rope.

As of late, I’ve wanted to get something out of my system: six to eight pack abs. Quite a few people regularly call me a giant, super strong or simply sizeable, but that does not mean I look like the 300 Spartans in the rectus abdominus region. In my early high school years, I consistently worked out, wrestled and achieved a low body fat percentage while managing to maintain a one pack. Now, I’m lifting weights, dieting, running and biking, yet I am still not receiving the results desired.

So, I searched for something to compliment these efforts.

Navigating through the ab-rollers, ab-shockers, ab-chairs and ab-sence of anything useful is draining and annoying. Eventually, I found a recurrent theme promoting a product that cost very little to purchase: a jump rope.

Later into the journey, I’ll discuss the benefits of jumping rope in more depth. For now, just know that 5 minutes of jumping rope will make most people lose their breath.

Starting Monday, I will jump 1000-2000 repetitions a day and see what happens with my body fat and weight. I’ll blog everyday during this time for accountability and documentation.

I hope you follow along, and better yet, document a journey of your own.

Here’s a random video of me drumming at a club called Urban: