BAND PRACTICE II [Singing Blogrimage Day 16/30]


Footage of the band practicing


  • Second Band Practice
  • Getting comfortable with breath support
  • Feel like vowels help me sing more powerful
  • Not tipping head upward to hit high notes


The second practice went really well. One of the band members said, "I can really hear an improvement in your voice already." That's really encouraging. We worked on a song I wrote, and we weren't sure if it would mesh with the band. At first, it seemed like a totally different style, but  by the end of the practice we thought it really worked.

I am trying to be more confident when I sing while remembering to do all I am learning.

So, during the songs I concentrated heavily on my voice (instead of entertaining), and experimented with different ways to sing. It was a lot of fun. Glad to be doing the BLOGRIMAGE.