HALF DOXOLOGY [Singing Blogrimage Day 15/30]


Voice lesson. Working on the Doxology song. Want to sing this song Acapella with Amreitha for the recital. We worked on finding the right key for me to sing.

  • Added Doxology to set list
  • Getting more comfortable with lifting the soft palette 
  • Learning what it means to have a "full" voice

Still caught up in this full voice battle. Realizing that different voices carry different levels of "full." I watched the voice tonight, and different artists sang well, but ranged in the richness of the voice. I think a big part of having a good voice is singing a lot and getting comfortable with what you got--that is, learning how to use it.

For today's lesson, I worked with my coach to evaluate different singers. We identified different factors that I liked and compared it with the voice I have now. She says I have a big range, and have about three different voices that I can work with.

Also, for me to sing with my soft palette up, I need to pretend to be an opera singer. Then, I bring back my voice to something less boisterous.