The Master Cleans [Day 4]

I forgot one liter of my potion today, so I wasn't completely true to the Master Cleanse. Actually I'm pretty bummed about that (primarily because the potion curbs my hunger).

Besides that, I have no updates.

On a different note, a group of friends and I went out and followed the "spirit of adventure."

This manifested in several ways:

  • Shining a spotlight and alarming people with a blowhorn as they made out in the Colorado Mountains. These people parked near an overlook and did their business while we snuck up with a million candle flash light and a blowhorn. Some people were really startled, angry and surprised and we caught people in some startling situations. Quite hilarious.
  • Grabbing street cones
  • Trying to walk into gatherings held at a Hilton Hotel
  • Jumping into a coffee shop drive thru
  • Having a conversation about walking in the power of God for evangelism

It was a decent night.