RAISING THE SOFT PALETTE [Singing Blogrimage Day 5/30]

Challenge Update:

  • 2nd voice lesson (One and a half hours)
  • Learned how to raise the soft palette
  • Learned what consonants and vowels to pronounce
  • Learned how to plan to breathing
  • Learned how to drop jaw
I was very pleased with my second lesson. It went longer than the first one, and I really enjoyed it. My coach is very encouraging. She said I went through, in one lesson, what normally takes people 4 weeks.
Both my coach and Amreitha said they've noticed improvements in my singing.
She taught me how to adjust my soft palette by giving a surprised "ah"sound. This helps produce a fuller sound, almost like self created reverb. 
Also, we sang a little Aerosmith and a lot of Michael W. Smith. With the Smith song, we tediously worked through the pronunciation of words. 
Pronouncing words is important because it helps create a full sound and keep one on pitch.
I am excited to work on this piece and I will perform it during my recital on April 12th!