Hashing it Out [Book Writing Blogrimage 16/30]


More outline!

It's slow going, but I've been talking out the story with several people, including my wife, and they like the way I'm telling the story. I'm writing it like it coud be made into a move. It would be awesome if it was. I wonder who would act as me. Maybe the guy from life of Pi?

1.     Mini Adventure 4

a.     Going back to Sri Lanka for the first time

b.     Seeing people that looked like me

c.      Thinking that I would fit in

d.     People knew I was American

e.     I couldn’t speak the language

f.      Thinking that I would recover my home

g.     The sites

h.     The confusion. Riding a train. Going to a whore house.

2.     Major Setback

a.     I didn’t fit in Sri Lank either

3.     Climax

a.     Preaching on my Birthday with war all around me. The war that transitioned my parents transitioned my heart. People that made me dinner are dead.

b.     Seeing the reason my mom was the way she was and choosing to be caring.

c.      The fear I saw in these women’s eyes, is the same fear I see in my mom’s eyes. I had to choose to love her.