BFF [Book Writing Blograimge Day 25-26/30]


Looking back, the first times Ben and I hung out were very strange. I remember stealing our youth pastor’s car keys and listening to the Beatles in his SUV during a church service. The other early interaction I recall is going to a Five Iron Frenzy, Insyderz and W’s Concert. We both went in the youth church van, and didn’t talk—we didn’t know each other. At that time in my life, I obsessed myself with the color orange. My hats, shoes, shirts, and pants all had orange. At this concert, Ben wore an orange shirt, and for some reason I wore a brown Yankees Jersey. “Want to trade Shirts? I really like orange,” I said to Ben. In most cases this interaction would be a bad first impression, but not for Ben. We traded shirts that day and he became my first friend as a Christian. We’ve been best friends ever since, and work together as ministers in Michigan to this day.