Seeds Conference Over! [BOOK BLOGRIMAGE DAY 5/30]

The Seeds conference is complete! My mind is expanded. I learned a ton, wept over stories of mission, and learned practical DIY tips. In conclusion, I'm beyond tired. After each day of learning so much, Amreitha and I spent great quality time with our dear friends, Symon and Princess Hajjarr. They have incredible perspective and insight into love, messy faith, and orthodoxy.

3. Helicopter Bike.jpg

Today I wrote more about the spirit of adventure, but I'm not sure it will make it in my book. It's not something that fits with the overall story I want to tell, but I'm trying not to filter myself too much. So, I wrote it anyways.


One summer I tried to create a bicycle propelled helicopter made out of plywood. I slaved in my garage to carve out dumb gears that never worked. Using wd40, tape and glue, I attached those gears to my Haro Bmx bike. Nobody supported my cause. Everybody thought I was an idiot. Having no experience or knowledge and engineering, I thought that my bicycle would fly. If only I pedaled hard enough, the wooden gears, connected to 4 foot plywood propellers would spin fast enough until I’d ascend form the suburban sidewalks and fly anywhere I wanted to go.  Perhaps I’d see the Eiffel tower or maybe Arby’s.

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