Not Eating Regular Human Food is Very Inconvenient [Soylent Blogrimage 10/30]


Whether it's my keys, bag or Soylent bottle, I tend to forget where I place things. In fact, on my ministry trip to Honduras, one girl decided to serve me as team leader by making sure I didn't leave my travel bag at our different service sites. 

Normally this doesn't bother me, but it's a very inconvenient reality concerning Soylent. Normally, leaving the house and forgetting something is not a big deal--I can do without most things and can Improvise. I very often forget my lunch and don't worry about it because I can always eat or borrow food from a friend. With Soylent, forgetting my lunch means I don't eat. 

Every Monday I go out to eat with my co-workers and today I forgot my lunch in the work fridge. Like I said earlier, this is normally not a big deal. When you can only eat one thing, like Soylent, it is very much a big deal. I'm using to eating this stuff. It's the forgetting it all the time that is testing my patience. 

I need to start stashing emergency rations in places I frequent. Eating only one thing does simplifies life in many ways. Not have options and an ability to improvise makes it very inconvenient. Knowing what you want gets rid of a lot of options (so it is with life). 


  • Tired of forgetting my Soylent Bottles
  • Losing hunger
  • Vertigo is gone
  • Energy is still above normal