The Soylent Hunger Games in my Belly [Soylent Blogrimage 4/30]

What a day's worth of Soylent looks like

What a day's worth of Soylent looks like

I am getting used to Soylent, taste and all. Things taste better when you are hungry. My mind feels clearer on this stuff, and my body feels lighter. It's like there is extra energy--normally used for digestion--funneling towards mind and energy functions. I'm not sure if this is a placebo or not, which is why I want to get blood work done. 

Skipping lunch didn't really help with hunger issues, but when I got home I actually craved Soylent. Crazy. Making a meal was extremely easy and convenient. Today I actually thought, "I don't look forward to making meals." With this new habit, eating is not a struggle. So often I'm worried about what to eat or bummed about food preparation (this makes me sound very lazy). With Soylent, I don't have to think about a thing. It's easy to make. There are no options. It's just there. I love that factor. For the last month, I've been wearing the same outfit almost everyday (kind of a social experiment) and this experience applied there too. Not having to think about what to wear made life easier. Simplifying and minimalism is very appealing to me. I can foresee myself using Soylent as a life habit for breakfast and lunch. We'll see. 


  • Skipped Lunch so I feel very hungry
  • Not crashing from 3-6 PM like normal. Love this!
  • Getting used to the taste
  • Love the convenience. Not looking forward to making meals after this