Because of this challenge, My Wife Orders Meals for One [Soylent Blogrimage 6/30]

Every Thursday my wife and I go on a date (#JeevaDateNight). We love trying new restaurants. Soylent adds a new element to this tradition. Instead of us sharing an experience of food together, swapping notes on taste, I simply watch my wife as she eats--I kinda feel bad for her. 

This is a fairly typical experience. It's always a little awkward when you go out to eat and someone does not eat. No matter if they are eating due to a spiritual fast, a diet or financial limitations, it's a bummer when you can't share a meal together. This challenge is affording me the opportunity to create that dynamic for all sorts up people in my 90 meal challenge (30 days). 

Today is the day I've missed food the most. Going to Ann Arbor and dining at a hip ramen noodle bar is something I really enjoy. Overall, though we loved our date night together!

And sorry to all of those who have to eat while I simply stare at you. 


  • Really Missing Food
  • Head feels a little tired at times
  • Body is full of energy
  • Waste is all normal (pee is very yellow though)
  • Date night wasn't awkward, but watching people eat (without eating myself) is a funny experience