I Went to Three Movies and Three Restaurants [Soylent Blogrimage 7/30]

3 Movies and 3 Restaurants. This is what my day consisted of. 

Especially since I'm not eating food at the restaurants, people are asking a lot of questions about Soylent. If I saw someone doing what I'm doing, I'd ask a lot of questions too. It's getting more and more normal. I think people are getting used to the idea that I'm not eating traditional food. Perhaps I'll have to go through a re-entry phase of normal social eating after I'm done with this challenge. 

One physical setback is night time vertigo. Every once in awhile I feel a sense of dizziness. In the Reddit Soylent community, people warned about this if the nutrients aren't mixed properly. Occasionally, some of the mixture ends up on the sides of the bottle and the vertigo reducing elements are lost. I got to make sure that I'm getting everything. 

Also, I feel good that I gained 6 pounds back (earlier I lost 8 pounds in 4 days). It probably was water weight. 


  • Getting what feels like Vertigo at night (Soylent bloggers warned about this)
  • It's very inconvenient when I forget my Soylent at home
  • Energy is Great
  • Poop now looks like Soylent :)
  • Pee is still very yellow (I hear it's from the Vitamin B)
  • Gained 6 pounds back.